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The Schoolhouse Team

Reaching children is clearly the goal of the CAPP programs. Consequently, because so much work is done within the schools, it is critical that professionals in the cooperating organizations have the training they need to understand the child abuse reporting system. The CAPP staff is able to provide this training, emphasizing such areas as how to conduct interviews with children. Because of the ages involved, it is crucial that questions be posed in a non-leading fashion, and that a child be allowed to freely recall the incident. These techniques, as well as methods of documenting information and reporting procedure, are vital elements of the Schoolhouse Team.

The Schoolhouse team serves not merely as a referral service for school personnel in reporting and interviewing procedure; CAPP has also implemented an outreach program. The focus of this outreach is to facilitate communication between the CAPP teams, special victims detectives, child protective workers, and school personnel.

The common theme is consistency and focus. CAPP remains as a resource as a child goes through “the system”. The CAPP team is available to give support to the child and their family, and provide professionals with needed information pertaining to a child’s case.