5 Hanover Square, 15th floor

New York, NY 10004

phone: 212-344-1902

fax: 212-344-1923

Directory of Child Abuse Resources
in the Borough of the Brooklyn

ACS Field Offices

210 Joralemon Street

Brooklyn, NY  11216

Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm

Telephone: (718) 802-2300

1274 Bedford Avenue, (718) 623-4500

Contact: Director – Olivia Brown (718) 623-4975

345 Adams Street, (718) 522-8214/8210

1958 Fulton Street, (718) 953-8208/8252/8254

19 Grant Square, (718) 735-0311/363-7443/7432

2554 Linden Blvd., (718) 348-8015/8018

Little Flower Children’s Services

186 Joralemon Street

Brooklyn, NY  11201

Telephone: (718) 260-8840

Services Offered: Foster care agency, therapeutic foster homes, training, New Life Program, and adoption services.

Contact: Executive Director – Grace Logrande, CEO Herbert Stutp

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Fees: No fee.

Center for Family Life in Sunset Park

345-43rd Street

Brooklyn, NY  11232

Telephone: (718) 788-3500

Services Offered:Summer day camp, 9am – 4pm, and an afterschool program all year long.

Contact: Gretchen Santiago, (Ext.11)

Clients Served: Available to Sunset Park Residents, Spanish and Chinese Speaking Staff available.

Fees: No Fee.

District Attorney’s Office Crime Victim’s Counseling Unit

350 Jay Street

Brooklyn, NY  11201

360 Adams Street, Room 773

Brooklyn, NY  11201

Telephone: (718) 250-3820  

Emergency: (718) 250-2001

Services Offered: Legal assistance concerning domestic violence, education for parents and children, community outreach/education, short-term crisis counseling for victims and families, and social service advocacy. Language interpreters are available and a task force for domestic violence.

Contact: Director of Clinical Services – Ovita Williams (718) 250-3820

Hours:Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

Fees: No Fees

Interfaith Medical Center

1545 Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn, NY  11200

Telephone: (718) 613- 4000

Services Offered:Treatment and counseling, social services advocacy, medical assistance, crisis intervention, psycho-social development program for children and parents, and an adolescent parenting program.

Spanish speaking staff available.

Contact:Director of Social Services – Pamula Aupont (718) 613-4364

Hours:24 hours a day

Fees: Select Managed Care companies and Medicaid are accepted.

Jewish Child Care Association

North Brooklyn Children’s Services

3003 Avenue H

Brooklyn, NY  11210

Telephone: (718) 859-4500

Services Offered: Child intensive case management service, advocate and coordinate services for children with psychological diagnoses.

Contact: Vice President of Mental Health and Preventative Services – Judith Berman

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 9am – 8pm; Wednesday, Friday: 9am – 6pm; Saturday: 9am – 5pm. (On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)

Fees: No fee.

Seaman’s Society for Children & Families

57 Willoughby Street

Brooklyn, NY  11201

Telephone: (888-819-4647

Services Offered: Foster care and adoption services, and family preservation services.

Contact: Director – Peter Need, (Ext. 4246)

Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 4: 45pm.

Fees: No fee.

Beacon Family Place

350 Linwood Street, Room 177

Brooklyn, NY  11208

Telephone: (718) 277-9593

Services Offered: Preventive services program.

Contact: Executive Director – Michelle Neugebauer

Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm.

Fees: No fee.

Kings County Hospital Developmental Evaluation Clinic

451 Clarkson Avenue

Brooklyn, NY  11203

Telephone: (718) 270-2918/2919

Services Offered: Evaluation clinic.  children.

Contact: Program Director – Dr. Alice Sandgrund; Executive Director – Jean Robert Jaques, M.D.

Hours: Monday, Thursday: 9am – 7pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 8am – 4:30

Clients Served: Available to children from birth to 17-years-old.

Fees: Insurance coverage with authorization.

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

585 Schenectady Avenue

Brooklyn, NY  11203

Telephone: (718) 604-5000

Services Offered: Treatment and counseling for victims, social service advocacy, medical assistance, crisis intervention, education for children and parents, community outreach and education, and referrals.

Contact: Raphael Cobbs, (718) 604-5328

Hours:Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm.

Fees: Sliding scale, all types of insurance and Medicaid accepted for in-patient care.

Legal Aid Society Juvenile Rights Division

111 Livingston Street, 8th Floor

Brooklyn, NY  11201

Telephone: (718) 237-3100

Services Offered: Handles cases of neglect and delinquency, which are represented by caseworkers and paraliegals and assigned by the judge. Represent children in family court proceedings and social workers are available.

Spanish speaking staff available.

Contact:Office Manager – Oscar Loplito, (718) 250-4270.

Hours:Monday – Friday: 8:30 – 5pm.

Clients Served: Available to Brooklyn resident children subject to family court jurisdiction

Fees: No fee.

Parents Helping Parents

669 President Street

Brooklyn, NY  11215

Telephone: (718) 638-9444

Services Offered: Family counseling for parents and children, workshops for schools and organizations, and support groups.

Contact: Sharon Peters

Hours: Monday – Saturday, days and evenings, by appointment.

Puerto Rican Family Institute and Child Placement

545 Broadway, 2nd Floor

Brooklyn, NY  11206

Telephone: (718) 387-5200

Services Offered: Counseling for families and children who are at risk to be placed in foster care.

Contact: Director – Ester Huertas

Hours: Monday, Wednesday: 9am – 7pm; Tuesday: 9am – 6pm; Thursday, Friday: 9am – 5pm

Fees: No fee.

Project Second Try Sunset Park Mental Health Center

514-49th Street

Brooklyn, NY  11220

Telephone: (718) 437-5219

Service Offered: A treatment program for adolescent sex offenders that is divided into three phases: 1) intake and psychological assessment, 2) the proper treatment, 3) termination and follow up.

Contact: Chief Psychologist – Project Director – Dr. Mark J. Rand

Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 7pm.

Clients Served: Available to children 13 years old and under.

Fees: Medicaid and third party insurance accepted.

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Children

1 Hansan Place, 18th Floor

Brooklyn, NY  11243

Telephone: (718) 638-2828

Services Offered: Provides group homes, and diagnostic and long term care.

Contact: Director – Dianne Heggie

Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm

Clients Served: Available to citywide residents who are referred by ACS.

Fees: No fee.

The Children’s Law Center

44 Court St.

11th Floor

Brooklyn, NY  11201

Telephone: (718) 522-3333

Hours: 9am – 5pm

Services Offered: Provides representation to children in custody/visitation and guardianship cases.

Clients Served: Children’s Law Center is assigned by the judges in Brooklyn Family Court to represent children in these types of cases.

Fees: No Fee  

AMT Children of Hope Safe Haven Program

Helpline: 877-796-HOPE(4673)

Services Offered: Secret Safe Haven provides a safe place for a mother to leave her newborn child and not be charged with a crime. The child must be no older than five days old and all hospital emergency rooms, Police Stations, and Community Firehouses are considered safe havens.

Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center

320 Schermerhorn St.

Brooklyn, NY  11207

Telephone: (718) 330-5400

Services Offered: To provide a neutral setting to coordinate services to expedite the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases. Multidisciplinary investigation, child focused interviews, medical evaluations, extended assessment, counseling services, and court school.

Contact: Clinical Director – Dr. Chris Turner; Senior Director – Jacqueline Winston

Hours: 24-hours a day.

Clients Served: Must Be Referred By ACS, Court, of Special Victims.

Fees: No fee.   

CASA Programs

350 Broadway, Suite 1107

New York, NY  10013

Telephone: (212) 334-4010 Ext. 126

Services Offered: The program provides a specially trained and supervised community volunteer which is appointed by the Family Court judge. CASAs are provided to help secure safe and permanent homes for abused and neglected children by investigating and monitoring cases involving children in foster care.

Contact: Executive Director – Amy Feldman

Fees: No fee.

St. Christopher – Ollie Family Dynamics

613-619 Throop Ave, 5th Fl

Brooklyn, NY  11216

Telephone: (212) 255-8484

Services Offered: Counseling, parenting education and childcare programs, adolescent counseling, nurse family partnership for 1st time mothers

Contact:Program Director – Floria Ladja; Executive Director – Oma S. Holloway

Hours:Monday, Friday: 9am – 5pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9am – 8pm

Fee: No fee