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New York, NY 10004

phone: 212-344-1902

fax: 212-344-1923

Child Protection Helpline: 1 (866) 922-CAPP

In an emergency, making a report to child protective services can seem very intimidating.  Often, concerned people may not have an appropriate contact number.  They may hesitate, being uncertain what will be required of them when they call.  In many cases, journalists interviewing neighbors and friends found that several were concerned about a probable abuse situation.  Why did they not act?  They simply “didn’t know what to do.”

To eliminate this obstacle, CAPP maintains a phone line, The Child Protection Helpline, to answer exactly these kinds of questions, and to assist people in making a report when it is  necessary.

Many times, a  family may be in the child protective system, but other family members do not know how to find information on family members or a child.  Because the toll free NY Hotline number 1-800-342-3720 works only within New York State, CAPP will provide the proper channel for reporting nationally.  Additionally, the CAPP team can provide information to help families make a report, or find children in the system.

The CAPP Helpline also serves as a resource for school personnel to assist professionals with questions about making initial reports, or following up on prior reports.  The CAPP team works to help professionals and families understand the system, so that bureaucracy and lack of information will not prevent a child or family from receiving assistance.

The CAPP toll-free helpline is: 1 (866) 922-CAPP.