5 Hanover Square, 15th floor

New York, NY 10004

phone: 212-344-1902

fax: 212-344-1923

Our Mission

The Child Abuse Prevention Program’s mission is to ensure that all children receive their basic right to safety so that they can have the opportunity to grow and thrive. At CAPP, we believe that all children deserve the chance to have healthy and happy lives.

Our goal is to educate young children about their right to be safe. By doing so, CAPP sets a foundation for prevention; and if abuse is present, allows children to be heard. These children are assured that there is not something “particular” about them that caused the abuse to occur. CAPP actively combats the misconception that abuse will go away if we pretend it does not exist.

The cornerstone of CAPP’s work is our award-winning Child Safety Workshop that utilizes life-sized Kids On The Block, Inc. puppets to provide school children with safety information. The workshop gives children the skills they need to recognize and resist abuse. Over the past 19 years, we have reached 260,000 children.

CAPP will continue working cooperatively to accomplish our goal of helping to end the cycle of abuse. By giving children a chance to feel loved and valued as human beings, they can embrace their childhood and grow to achieve their potential.